Queens Park, Blackburn

Smart Lighting connects a 19th century park, providing safe movement between a hospital and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Built in 1887, Queens Park is a historic green space situated between Royal Blackburn Hospital and the southeast of town. This park has long been a vital corridor for pedestrians and cyclists, but its unlit paths at night had become a magnet for crime and antisocial behaviour. 

Recognizing the need for a safer environment, Blackburn Council secured £750,000 from the government’s Safer Streets Fund, allocating a portion of this grant to install smart street lighting in Queens Park.

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Blackburn Council

Strategic Investment for safer streets

To adhere to budget constraints while delivering effective lighting, cost-effective AXIA EVO lanterns were installed. 

These lanterns use 3000K (warm white) LEDs, providing a welcoming and traditional atmosphere that also supports the park’s ecosystem, as warmer light temperatures are less disruptive to wildlife. Moreover, these lanterns have an upward light output ratio of 0%, helping to protect our dark skies by minimizing sky glow.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Adaptive Technology

Each lantern is equipped with 7 PIN NEMA sockets, enabling remote connectivity and control. The integration of the EXEDRA control management system further reduces energy consumption and operational costs, enhancing the project’s sustainability. This system allows the council to manage the lighting remotely, providing flexibility and efficiency.

The smart lanterns are designed to operate at 20% output, increasing to 100% when presence is detected. This adaptive lighting approach not only conserves energy but also encourages park use by providing adequate lighting when needed. Additionally, photocells deactivate the lanterns when natural daylight is sufficient, further optimizing energy use.

With the EXEDRA system, the council can easily adjust dimming schedules via mobile devices, making the lighting system highly flexible and responsive. These lighting points are also future-proofed, serving as platforms for additional digital services and benefits through the EXEDRA interface.

Queens Park's Night time Revolution

With the implementation of this sustainable, intelligent lighting solution, Queens Park has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a safer and more welcoming environment for the community. Pedestrians and cyclists can now navigate the park with confidence, even after nightfall.

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