Bespoke lighting solutions

Schréder is renowned for its broad portfolio of lighting solutions and large range of options. While these are engineered for performance and designed for customer satisfaction, we regularly receive requests for a bespoke touch or a more unique solution.
Schréder STUDIO comes into play to deliver a custom solution that ensures customer expectations and environmental specifications. 

Schréder STUDIO tweaks existing luminaires or designs iconic solutions to meet our customers aspirations

When you want more than the standard 

Customer feedback plays a critical role in our innovative design process and we are continuously extending and improving our ranges. Yet sometimes, our customers need specific technical requirements.
Schréder STUDIO - our in-house design service - takes up the challenge, engineering dedicated solutions that match the same high standards as our standard luminaires. 
Schréder STUDIO tweaks and optimise features to meet our customers’ own technical preferences. These solutions, that meet specific individual requests, are designed to be mass produced.

Schréder STUDIO adapts existing luminaires to meet your technical requirements

Full-scope service

An efficient and transparent process delivers quality custom products in a short time. It all starts with a feasibility study and a cost assessment. The design phase explores all possible ways to deliver the result. We work with multiple software packages to provide the calculations and visualisations to facilitate the validation.
To ensure that the final product will meet expectations at every level, we use rapid prototyping to test the functionalities. This allows stakeholders to explore the fine details while enabling us to propose improvements for the final design.
Depending on the project, bespoke products are manufactured on our assembly lines or built by a dedicated team.

Schréder Studio can retrofit heritage lanterns or recreate them from a drawing

Customisation, retrofitting or recreation

The expertise of Schréder STUDIO also includes retrofitting existing luminaires or the complete recreation of heritage lanterns with modern and connected LED technology. Whether customers are looking for lanterns for castle grounds, luminaires for an eastern style bazaar or a customised fixture, we can create tailor-made solutions to suit their specific needs. 
With the support of our Kandeláber team in Hungary, we transform their ideas into reality, even if they are just based on a few sketches. Put your thoughts on paper, send us your drawings or an old photo and we will design and develop your concept. 

Schréder Signature aims to deliver eye-catching lighting solutions that reflect your character and enhance your landscape

Schréder SIGNATURE: the opportunity to be unique

While Schréder STUDIO is mainly about developing the bespoke luminaire that you need, Schréder SIGNATURE is more creative, delivering iconic solutions to light your city. Our team of experts can design a luminaire, lighting column or any other lighting structure to bring your ideas to life, reflecting your unique character and enhancing your space.
We work side by side with you, ideating and brainstorming to solve any complex challenges. We explore the different avenues and propose several different yet equally viable concepts. We can advise not only on the aesthetic result but also on the choice of materials, mounting and cabling. 
We provide different visuals to interact with our customers throughout the project. By creating 3D models, we resolve the final mechanical details and can provide visuals of the luminaire in its future location.
With Schréder SIGNATURE, customers observe the fascinating evolution from a simple drawing to their own wonderful and unique lighting solution.

We harness our wealth of global and local market knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to deliver bespoke technical designs for our customers regularly. Depending on their needs, we can either undertake a minor design modification on one of our luminaires or create a tailored project involving an original lighting plan and custom luminaires.
We deliver your vision.

Victor Cadranel- Schréder STUDIO - Manager
Victor Cadranel
Schréder STUDIO - Manager

A place, a need, a custom solution

Discover the stories behind some iconic projects when Schréder STUDIO delivered the right design and services. The Schréder STUDIO team always goes the extra mile to, as Victor says, “deliver your vision”. Read more.