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  • Schréder helps customersq achieve BREEAM certification
    BREEAM Brochure

    We develop solutions to enable our customers achieve BREEAM certification. Discover how we can do that.

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  • The Circle Light Label by Schréder enables customers to install luminaires for a circular economy
    Circle Light Label

    This label, through transparent criteria, designates luminaires that are optimised for a circular economy without compromising on the quality.

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    Circular Economy

    Sustainability has always been one of Schréder’s four fundamental values. We have built our reputation while minimising our ecological footprint and those of our customers.

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  • Cities People Love To Live In
    Cities People Love to Live In

    Great lighting creates cities that people love to live in. Cities that enhance your character, nurture your community, protect your environment and build a sustainable future. 

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  • Focus: Sports Lighting Designs
    Focus: Sports Lighting Designs

    Our sports lighting guide details the key aspects to consider, proven design principles and a wide range of solutions for efficient and effective lighting that meets your needs. 

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  • industry-brochure-EN
    Lighting Solutions for Industry

    Transform your lighting into a strategic asset. Our lighting solutions create workspaces that are brightly lit to boost people and productivity while driving a sustainable future.

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    Product Services UK

  • With Schréder EXEDRA, your city is as smart as it wants to be
    Schréder EXEDRA - smart lighting CMS

    The first open and interoperable smart lighting control system on the market so you are free to grow your smart city as you wish. It is also the first to be uCIFI and TALQ compliant.

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    Discover the stories behind some iconic projects when Schréder STUDIO delivered the right design and services. 

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  • Schréder Shuffle smart column
    SHUFFLE catalogue

    The SHUFFLE smart pole brings the experience to a new level in cities and venues. Discover a complete range of solutions.

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  • Sports Lighting Solutions
    Sports Lighting Solutions

    Our smart sports lighting solutions comply with standards to ensure safety, visibility and comfort for all, while reducing energy and maintenance costs. So you can Perform, Play, Win!

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  • Industry White Paper - Tough Lights for Hard Work.JPG

    Industry White Paper - Tough Lights for Hard Work. 

  • image-tunnel-brochure
    Tunnel Lighting Solutions

    A safe tunnel is first and foremost a well-lit tunnel. Our smart solutions ensure perfect visibility for high visual comfort with long lasting performance and a minimised total cost of ownership.

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    Urbis Lighting Solutions

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