Lighting the lanes

The A19 is a major road in the North East of England, stretching from Doncaster in the south to Seaton Burn in the north. To reduce costs and energy consumption, Stockton Council made the decision to invest more than £14 million in a three year lighting programme –  replacing almost 28,000 street lighting lanterns with modern, highly efficient LED lighting units. The programme is predicted to save the council £1.8 million a year.

In spring 2015, Stainton Lighting Design Services (SLDS) were awarded the contract to manage the redevelopment of the lighting network.

The regeneration would see a large number of columns along the Teeside Park side of the A19 be upgraded with new high-mast lighting columns featuring LED luminaires.

This particular stretch of road (where the A19 meets the A66) features a number of flyover bridges and multi-laned roads, as well as extensive foliage – making it a complex site to light effectively.

British road lighting standards state roads of this nature must achieve a uniform lighting level of 40 per cent. In September 2015, Schreder UK was approached to consult on the design and propose an effective solution to ensure all areas of the road were lit to the optimum lighting level. At this stage in the project it had already been decided to use 30 metre high-mast columns and many of the column locations had been fixed.

Complex calculations

The project design team at Schréder UK spent a number of weeks working on the specific calculations needed for each individual column, ensuring every lantern had the correct rotation and inclination to allow for maximum performance.

In total 172 Schréder OMNIStar LED floodlights were installed across 24 high-mast columns, with several luminaires fixed to each column using uniquely designed head frames – which due to their height, were designed to be able to lower should maintenance work be required at any point in the future.

The powerful OMNIStar LEDs can provide up to 40,000 lumens per unit and use cutting-edge photometries to provide controlled distribution of light – making them the ideal lighting solution for this project.

Shining bright

Once the final design was approved at the end of September 2015, the OMNIStar LEDs were delivered to site as part of the phased installation process. The final project was completed in September 2017.

Steve Edwards, Design Manager (Specialist Lighting) at Stainton Lighting Design Services, commented: “From the outset, the council specifically wanted to adopt an LED lighting scheme – in part due to the energy-efficiency and low maintenance requirements of the technology. Due to the complex nature of the site, with multiple lanes of high-speed traffic intersecting, we knew we needed a powerful LED solution that ensured the area was lit effectively and safely.

Schréder UK had a product with the flexibility and performance capable of meeting the intricate lighting requirements of this project – making them unique in the marketplace. All of the contractors and suppliers have worked in unison to provide Stockton Council with a state-of-the-art lighting scheme for years to come.

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