Going Green at Urbis Schréder!

As part of our sustainability push here at Urbis Schréder, we are thrilled to have had 4 EV PHAROS and 1 EV SHUFFLE bollards installed in the carpark at the front entrance to the building.

This move was taken as more and more people start to invest in Hybrid and fully Electric cars in the UK.  In October 21 alone a total of 106,265 cars were registered in the UK.  These were made up of 16,155 (15.2%) of fully electric cars and 8,328 (7.9%) of plug in hybrids.*

Now staff are back in the office working a mixed home/office week and the fact that we are also seeing more and more onsite meetings taking place, we wanted to give people the opportunity to charge whilst they work or visit us here at Urbis Schréder. 

Gary, our Managing Director drives a hybrid and has done so for a couple of years.  We have also recently had new starters that also drive hybrid cars so it was important to make sure that we build on the sustainable aspect and enable that to continue on the homebound journey.  Gary made the decision to make our carpark a bit more environmentally friendly. 

The major benefit of electric cars is the contribution that they make towards improving air quality in towns and cities.  In over a year, just one electric car on the roads can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2. That’s the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona.**

Olly Smith, Mechanical Designer was given the installation project in 2021 and on Monday 15th November a team from CityEV was in the carpark ready to install our Pharos and Shuffle bollards. The whole project was complete and ready to use by Tuesday 23rd November. 

So far the charges have been used daily by staff and with the rise in fuel costs recently it has led to more enquires about going electric and using the chargers at work.  It is safe to say that the EV PHAROS and SHUFFLES are definitely doing their job! 

This has been an ongoing development since the conception of the SHUFFLE with Electric vehicle charging capabilities, however there was a level of customer interest in a smaller more compact version that could be used in car parks or residential developments, with this in mind we wanted to utilise our current bollard, the PHAROS, due to its excellent photometrical performance and vandal resistance. Since then, we have partnered with a leading Electric Vehicle charging company, CityEV, and developed our designs which combines their in-door socket with the PHAROS bollard and SHUFFLE column for the double socket. With help from CityEV’s installation team we have installed 4 versions of our PHAROS EV bollard and 1 version of our SHUFFLE double charger with light ring into our car park at Sapphire house.

Olly Smith
Mechanical Designer