City of Westminster College

Cost and energy efficient lighting solution compliments existing architecture, creating a holistic environment

In July 2021, Urbis Schréder partnered with Asset Plus to deliver a unique and sustainable lighting solution, that aimed to promote energy efficient lighting, increase carbon and cost savings and remove historical glare issues; bespoke for the City of Westminster College. 

This project was catalysed by many unresolved factors including:

  • Out-dated products - Hard to clean and maintain
  • Bad light distribution
  • Flickering lights and Glares
  • Not energy efficient 
  • High failure rates

Paul Bennett, Managing Director at Asset Plus, describes the client brief as meeting and solving all the above issues stated, however with an additional care of attention to the well-being of the Westminster college students and enhancing the environment they will be working and engaging in. 

Paddington Green Campus
United Kingdom


City of Westminster College


Asset Plus
2000 +
No. of fittings
Cost savings over 5 years
Annual carbon savings

A holistic approach to enhance the working environment for students

As a part of the Field service, Urbis Schréder carries out a detailed site survey and offers solutions. But with this particular project they not only had the opportunity to reduce energy costs, they also offer design to enhance the look and feel of the building. 

Almost 2km of linear channel was designed and installed to achieve the requested uniform light levels on all floors. 

The results?

An undoubtedly more energy efficient building and lighting that compliments the architecture.

Classroom luminaires have been upgraded using special LED products with prismatic diffusers and the ground floor workshops now have the Urbis Schréder CONTILINE throughout. 

Matt Ricks
Industrial and Internal Services Lead - Urbis Schréder

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