Green Park

Green Park is a high-tech business park within a well-landscaped campus covering 195 acres of parkland. The unique commercial buildings are designed for space and sustainability. All of the Green Park buildings have solid ‘green’ credentials – the park includes a 120-metre-tall wind turbine generating 2.3 megawatts of power annually – and it is the only business park in the UK to achieve the prestigious Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark award.
The campus is located right next to the Madejski stadium – home of Reading Football Club and the London Irish Rugby Club – and includes a range of restaurants, hotels, shops and leisure facilities. In addition to some smaller niche companies, Green Park is home to some major global brands including Pepsico, Huawei, Cisco Nvidia, Symantec and Veritas. 
Green Park is a well-connected site with road and rail transport links including the M4 motorway and high speed train services from Reading to Central London. Plans are underway to increase the park’s lettable space to more than 2.5 million square feet, including building a range of housing and a new railway station. When it opens in 2019, the Crossrail project will further enhance mobility within Reading, and from Reading to London by shortening travelling times.

Altitude Services was contracted by Oxford Properties to manage several aspects of the project, including the design, supply and installation of a replacement LED street lighting scheme. Altitude Services chose to work with Schréder on the LED regeneration project, which covered the main roads of the Green Park estate. Altitude Services chose to refurbish and utilise the existing columns, which significantly reduced the installation cost.
The lighting scheme, which commenced in March 2016, includes more than 300 Schréder Ampera MIDI LED luminaires. 

Reception, 100 Longwater Avenue
United Kingdom


Oxford Properties


Contractor: Altitude Services

We chose the Schréder Ampera as it fits perfectly with the hightech surroundings of Green Park. It is a modern, slimline luminaire that offers a good aesthetic appeal during the day and excellent lighting levels and uniformity at night.

Robert Westwood
Commercial Manager at Altitude Services

Schréder ensures its clients have everything they need to complete the project successfully by offering a consultancy approach, rather than simply supplying products. During the consultation phase, Schréder provides free lighting design services and demonstrates how its products perform.
Schréder has worked with Altitude Services on a number of projects and the company has always been impressed with the level of support available.

Having used Schréder products for our customers on previous private lighting schemes we have found them to be very reliable, and provide excellent after sales support when called upon.

Robert Westwood
Commercial Manager at Altitude Services

The lighting scheme uses the Schréder Ampera MIDI 32 LED, which has significantly improved lighting levels and is making a substantial improvement to Green Park’s energy costs. Compared to the old 250W / 150W SON and HID scheme, the new Ampera LED lighting scheme achieves a 60% reduction in energy usage.

The Ampera scheme achieves the high-quality and sustainable lighting level needed for the Green Park environment, which is used by leading international businesses 24-hours a day.

Robert Westwood
Commercial Manager at Altitude Services