Swinton Greenway

Connected contemporary lanterns and bespoke LED modules enhance a greenway that connects two neighbourhoods and tackles anti-social behaviour.

In the heart of Salford is a 4-mile-long route connecting the town of Swinton to Morton. This route forms a part of Transport for Greater Manchester’s Bee Network, designed to reduce journeys via non-sustainable modes of travel. 

A major catalyst for a significant upgrade were the multiple unlit areas that were underused and had slowly become a hotspot for anti-social behavior such as vandalism. Urbis were approached by Salford Council to offer an energy saving lighting solution that supports their goals, helps with the council’s decarbonization initiatives, and tackles these historical issues.

Driving Footfall and Tackling Vandalism

At the top of the park, running under the A580, is an entrance subway called the Clifton Tunnel. To drive footfall and create a space that encourages people to find well-being in green spaces, Salford Council were keen to light the bridge structure whilst providing functional lighting for the underpass. However, this was a challenge due to the subway’s width and issues with vandalism.

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Salford City Council

Urbis were chosen for their high quality products and technology, enabling the ability to incorporate motion detection aligned to dimming levels to ensure users feel safe using the facility at any time of day. This ensures the most efficient use of the lighting during times of lower pedestrian and cycle usage.

Andy Bullen
Street Lighting Team Leader

Tailored Solutions for YOUR Unique Challenges

To compliment the art that pays homage to Salford’s nature and its rich historical past, Schréder's ALINEA, SCULPDOT and PILZEO lanterns were used. 

Urbis designed a robust housing for its ALINEA module, providing protection with its sleek anti-climb design that seamlessly blends into the walls.  Despite being compact, the ALINEA has achieved the lighting levels required across the length and width of the subway, providing pedestrians and cyclists with a route that is well-lit, improving safety. This was made possible thanks to the ALINEA’s optics, which allow a greater control of light distribution.  

The bridge structure, on the other hand, is lit using SCULPDOT spotlights that enhances the eye-catching mural, industrial features and emits light that creates a special ambiance. The SCULPDOT’s stirrup bracket allows flexibility and maximum uniformity. Each lens features a stone guard and cages were installed to protect against potential impacts.

Schréder's PILZEO lanterns were chosen to light the paths. Their canopies protect dark skies and provide a contemporary look. 

Connected Solutions for all your needs

With its recent upgrades and significant transformation, pedestrians can enjoy the town’s welcoming route for walkers, runners, and cyclists alike. 

All these lanterns work in harmony to compliment the murals and the pathways making the tunnel a bright, safe and welcoming gateway to the community.     

Each lantern is connected and controlled by a presence detection system, allowing energy - of up to 85% - to be saved. The lanterns boost their output once the sensors detect a presence and dim down when not in use. This supports the council’s journey to decarbonisation and reduces their energy and maintenance costs.

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